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Conference and Tourism 

Providing exceptional conference interpretation, tourism and event management throughout Ethiopia

NativTours offers tailored adventures for both residents and visitors who want authentic personalized experiences in Addis Ababa and beyond allowing them to focus on creating unforgettable memories.
Our tailor-made trips offer you the opportunity to create life-changing experiences in Ethiopia, whether you're travelling alone or with your loved ones who want a different kind of trip. What's more, by choosing our trips, you'll also be contributing to the well-being of local communities and cultures. 


Scheduled Tours

Our scheduled tours offer carefully planned itineraries for travelers who don't have time to plan every detail, or simply want to travel with people who share their passion, allowing them to focus on discovering Ethiopia's intriguing cultures or experience thrilling outdoor adventures - all while saving valuable time and money.





Our transformative trips foster authentic connections with people based on responsible and sustainable travel.


We offer a streamlined travel planning process. Get to your destination 20% faster.


Our exclusive partnership with CyberSource, a Visa network member, gives you worry-free travel payments.

NativeBridge, based in Ethiopia, excels in providing simultaneous interpretation and translation services. Our expertise ensures seamless cross-border communication in various languages, tailored to your needs. Dedicated to fostering inclusivity, we serve governmental and non-governmental entities in Ethiopia and across Africa, transcending traditional interaction modes for effective global communication.

In-Person Events 

Virtual Events 

Hybrid Events 

At NativBridge, we provide tailor-made interpreting solutions for corporations, government agencies, law firms and NGOs. 

Our mission is to ensure that every participant feels fully engaged and included during meetings, conferences and interactions. With a team of skilled interpreters, we ensure seamless communication across languages and cultures.

Need a document translated? Or maybe a technical manual? We’ve got you covered. Our expert translators ensure your content is not just accurately translated, but also resonates with your audience.
NativEvents, your premier event management company in Ethiopia, specialises in creating memorable experiences. Our experienced team ensures the seamless execution of a wide range of events including conferences, corporate meetings and cultural celebrations. From venue selection to catering, entertainment and security, we take care of it all. Immerse yourself in excellence as we curate events that reflect Ethiopia's vibrant culture.

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